WordPress plugins and Themes

WordPress plugins and Themes

Maera Framework
Maera is one of the most versatile and modular WordPress Theme Frameworks, allowing both developers and novice users to build amazing sites and take advantage of its unique features.

Maera (pronounced majrə like Myra) introduces the concept of shells that can change and affect every aspect of your theme and presentation, allowing you to build a completely customized experience for your site.


Available Shells

You can choose your favorite CSS framework or build your own! Maera Core comes with a beautiful blogging shell based on a fork of the Pure CSS framework. For more advanced options we have the following premium shells available with more coming soon!

Maera Restaurant Shell

The Maera Restaurant shell allows you to quickly, and easily, set up a fully featured restaurant website, with very little… Read More

Maera Bootstrap Shell

Use Maera with Bootstrap, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the… Read More

Maera Foundation Shell

Foundation is one of the most advanced responsive front-end frameworks in the world. This shell allows you to harness all… Read More

Maera Material Design Shell

Build beautiful, bold sites that make an impression based on the materialize CSS framework! Materialize is a CSS framework that… Read More

Want everything? No problem! You can get all Maera Shells + Addons, as well as all Shoestrap child themes + Addon plugins with a 43% discount by getting the premium club package!

Modular in nature

The core of the theme is a set of libraries that allows you to extend it and use it however you like! Using Shells and plugins you can add or remove features and customize your site using just the bits and pieces that you need.


Instead of bundling extra libraries in the plugin, we instead require you to install some 3rd-party plugins. This way you can get updates for them without the need to update the core of your theme, ensuring your site is always secure and up to date.


We have included the theme documentation in the Theme Options page on your dashboard so you can always find what you’re looking for.

Uses Twig

Twig is an amazing templating engine that uses a simple syntax, allowing non-php developers to understand and tweak their own templates, further customizing their own site. You can find these templates in the /views folder in your theme.

Fast and SEO Optimized

Taking advantage of internal caching and SEO Optimizations, you can be sure your site will be fast and performant for users as well as search engines.


We designed this theme with accessibility standards in mind so everyone will be able to use your sites and at the same time we try to educate developers so that all future shells will also be accessible.

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Shoestrap Theme & Child Themes

Shoestrap 3 WooCommerce Child

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Shoestrap 3 EDD Child

Easy Digital Downloads child theme for Shoestrap 3 Read More

Shoestrap 3

The most advanced WordPress Bootstrap theme is Open-Source! Read More

Shoestrap Addon Plugins

Shoestrap Extras Pack

This plugin is to Shoestrap what Jetpack is to WordPress. Read More

Shoestrap Shortcodes

Add grid columns, alert messages and buttons with great ease, without writing any code! Read More

Shoestrap 3 Extra Widget Areas

Add extra Widget areas to your Shoestrap theme Read More

Shoestrap 3 Gridder Addon

Pure Bliss: Isotope, Masonry + Infinite scroll for Shoestrap Read More

Maera has been throughly tested and 100% compatible with the following plugins:

JetPackBuddyPressAdvanced Custom FieldsbbPressVisual Composer(except the front-end editor)Facet WPsmall-layerslideraffwp-logo